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5 Simple & Effective Tips To Make Your Home Bug-free

Spring is nearer! We all love springtime and we often forget the reality that it comes up with lots of bugs. As the weather warms up and flowers start to blossom, it simply indicates the time to think hard about keeping our homes bug-free in the upcoming days. What’s the solution to keep bugs away from your home? – I would suggest leveraging pest control Melbourne services.


Although, there are many companies that provide pest control services but choosing a right one can be a big fuss. You may have read newspapers and found that many of the pest control companies use low-quality chemicals or materials that can impact adversely to you and your family member’s life. Moreover, if you have pets or little bubs then, certain things need to care the most. Go through below guide for more updates!



1)    Try keeping your home clean

Insects can normally attract towards dirt, spills, and crumbs. If you have a messy home then you will find it difficult to keep bugs away. Many times, messes can accumulate where you don’t see them if you have small kids or pets.


Take efficient time to clean the floors, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming as needed. If you don’t have a dishwasher then wash dishes in the sink. Bugs are attracted to leftover food and you shouldn’t give them reasons to come & live at your home.


2)    Eliminate water sources

People who live in a dry atmosphere can definitely tell you that bugs can be attracted toward water and so when there is shortage outside. Thus, you should check whether your gutters are working properly or not. Examine all your house leaks properly. Also, you should make sure to mop up water spills as early as possible and check whether they are working properly or not.


3)    You should switch to halogen lights

Might be, you have noticed that bugs can congregate around porch lights and other many exterior lights that you can say halogen lights. Also, they get attracted to indoor lights. One thing that you may not know is, halogen lights are less attractive to bugs than other lights. Also, you can try seeking lights in different colours like pink, purple, yellow as these colours help in keeping bugs away.


4)    Inspect items properly before buying

Also, keep in mind that a trip to the grocery store can be an opportunity for bugs to enter your home. Spend some time to investigate the items that you buy to ensure that they are free of bugs. Sometimes, insects can hide out in produce in bags of dried food like rice or sugar so be aware of that too.



If you haven’t sought pest control Melbourne company yet then hurry up because spring is near and you’ll require professional services to keep the atmosphere healthy & germ-free.